Women's healthcare available at Holvik Family Health Center includes well-woman exams, family planning, menopause care, and pelvic exams. The health care team — Dr. William Holvik and Family Nurse Practitioners, Joanne Galindo, FNP-C — has extensive experience and offer compassionate, high-quality care to women of all ages in Visalia, California. Call their office or schedule an appointment online for comprehensive women's health care.

Women's Health Q & A

Why should you get a routine well-woman exam?

A comprehensive well-woman exam does more than provide a gynecological examination. It offers full-fledged preventive health care with a thorough physical and an assessment of your overall health. During a well-woman exam, the team at Holvik Family Health Center look for early signs of potential health problems and assess your risk for developing chronic disease. In most cases, if they can identify a condition early, they can treat it before it turns into a significant problem.

What should you expect during a women's health examination?

In addition to reviewing your medical history, checking your weight, blood pressure, and heart rate, they may order lab tests to screen for blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and other biological markers.

These services are commonly included in a well-woman exam:

  • Pelvic exam: Including Pap smear for cervical cancer
  • Birth control
  • Preconception planning
  • Menopause care
  • Testing for sexually transmitted disease
  • Immunizations as needed

Your appointment includes time to talk about any issue that's on your mind, whether you want help quitting cigarettes or you're concerned because you feel depressed. Dr. Holvik or one of the nurse practitioners keeps you up-to-date on recommended health screenings.

Depending on your age and risk factors, it may be time to consider:

  • Cardiovascular disease screening
  • Mammography to detect breast cancer
  • Colorectal screening for colon cancer
  • Bone density screening for osteoporosis

What other specialized services are available?

You can schedule other services when you come in for a well-woman exam. Since they're not typically part of an annual checkup, and they may require extra time, please be sure to mention them when you call to schedule your appointment.

A few of the additional services available at Holvik Family Health Center include:

  • Skin care: Skin exam and mole removal
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Weight loss management

Please don't hesitate to call the office of Holvik Family Health Center if you have any questions about your health. We offer same-day appointments if needed for any urgent problem.

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